Dah Lama Tak Kena Tag Ni

Kena tag ngan anna..ermm..busan2 nih wat je laa kn? :p

It's harder than it looks
Copy to your own notes
Erase my answer
Enter yours and tag 5 people
Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following question..
They have to be real nothing made up
If the person before you have same first initial, you must use different answer..
You cannot use any words twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question..


What is your name: Fid @ Firdaus
A four letter word: Fury
A boy's name: Fazri? :p
A girl's name: Farisya
An occupation: Football Player
A colour: Fuchsia
Something u wear: FILA shorts
A food: Fish n Chips
Something found in the bathroom: Flip Flop
A place: Finland
A reason to be late: Fetch my sis
Something you shout: Fuyooo~!!!
A movie title: Final Fantasy
A musical group: Fotograf
An animal: Falcon
A street name: F Street, Taman Cempaka, Ampang :p

ermm..nak tag sape lak ek?..jap usha list..hehe (ikut suka laa nk wat ke tak)


M a W a D D a H said...

thanks atas tag itu...

tapi adah dah wat..hehe

aainaa said...

F street? nice one. haha =D

- F i D - said...

adah: owh ye ke?

aainaa: haha..tak caya try google map sket tgk :p

Jaa News said...

dah buat. :))
satu soalan tu..membuatkan daku berfikir sejenak.
ade ke kaler yang start dengan huruf N ?????? t_t

- F i D - said...

najaa: haha..try laa gi kat google..search 'color start with N' :p

Jaa News said...

fid : tayah gtaw pown saya dah bt dah. tiade la syg oi. T_T

- F i D - said...

najaa: haha..sian nye :p

Jaa News said...

sian kan. T_T
hohoho !

- F i D - said...

najaa: tukar laa nama..so leh cari color best2 :p